Mind Your Meds – Prioritize Your Debt Payment

Drugs can be important; they can also be illegal, but if a legitimate doctor has prescribed medicine for you, the only way that treatment has a chance of being effective is if you take it.  You cannot take your medicine if you have no means to pay f

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Legal Aid in Civil Matters

In a criminal case you have a Constitutional Right to an attorney, but what if you are poor, elderly, disabled, and your landlord has locked you out?  The Sixth Amendment does not cover your court cost and appoint legal counsel to assist you for a l

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Right to an Attorney

You have a Constitutional right to an attorney in a criminal case, not in a civil case.  That does not mean you should avoid hiring an attorney for cases of home foreclosure, credit card debt, or divorce.  Decisions in a legal conflict can be diffi

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The Three D’s & Our Public Defenders

Attorneys deal in the three D’s—Debt, Death, and Divorce.  Generally those are not happy circumstances and so lawyers enjoy such titles as “weasel” or “shark” or “blood sucking attorney.”  Those terms can make for humorous attorney

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Not ‘As Seen on TV’

Representing yourself is easy...as long as there is a script and a producer.  A real court; however, is NOT ‘as seen on TV.’  It is not the Jerry Springer Show or Judge Judy, and a real court case can take longer than the 43 minutes of a TV epi

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People’s Law School – March 4: ‘Rights of a Debtor’

The People’s Law School is in session again this spring, with a series of legal lectures presented by St. Johns County Legal Aid.  The March 4th topic is “Rights of a Debtor.”  This FREE one-hour class starts at 4:00 p.m. at the Southeast Bra

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With Prejudice & Without

Having a case dismissed ‘with prejudice’ is not necessarily a racial slur.  Having a case dismissed ‘without  prejudice’ does not necessarily mean the fight is over... ‘without prejudice’ means the plaintiff can re-file a suit on the sa

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Local Legal Resource – St. Johns County Legal Aid

Yesterday I had Megan Wall of St. Johns County Legal Aid on the radio with me for the Land Title Talk show on 102.3 FM WFOY.  Legal Aid generally deals with civil law cases for the poor, the elderly, and the disabled; however, their office is also a

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Data Breach & Your Credit

Attention Neiman-Marcus shoppers, if you feel that you have been charged too much, you may be the victim of data breach.  Data breach can happen in the best of stores...as well as Target. This year, Neimans offered His and Hers remote controls to

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Tips for Extra Credit on a House

So maybe you did not do so well last semester on your credit report.  Getting good credit is not an easy A, but if you can talk, text, and chew gum, you can fix your credit.  Some of the basics include pay your bills on time, pay down outstanding b

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