Payback is Heck with Consumer Debt

Being in debt is bad.  Having up to 25% of your wages garnished, or having your bank account swept clean without advance notice can be a life-affirming experience...not in a good way. In Florida, debt collectors can take up to 25% of your net pay f

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Debt-Buyer Business Model

Buying delinquent consumer accounts has bloomed into an industry unto itself with its own business model, which thrives on certain practices, such as the following: * Purchase thousands of delinquent accounts for pennies on the dollar.  This gives

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What’s In Your Wallet?

Whether it is your paycheck or bank account, debt-buyers are standing by.  While garnishment used to be the purview of child support, it has begun to share the spotlight with debt-buyers, and in Florida, they can take up to 25% of your net income, o

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Role of Legal Aid

Legal Aid often deals in poverty law with very complicated cases, high stakes, lots of pressure, and very little money in it.  With law school student loan debt ranging from $75,000 to $125,000, it can be hard to get an attorney to take on Legal Aid

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Wage Garnishment Trend

Wage garnishment used to be all the rage for child support; lately it has been trending for consumer debt collection, especially within the 35 to 44-aged set. A new study by National Public Radio and ProPublica shows that one in ten American employe

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Time Machines in Credit Card Contracts?

There was a young lady who bought shoes in bulk, that way she got a discount and always had something to wear on her feet.  The purchase landed on her credit card statement as a big debt.  The young lady wondered how she would ever foot the bill.

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Beware of Overshare

Nobody wants to know if you are eating a sandwich.  Online etiquette dictates that good media manners are governed by moderation in information you post about yourself.  Your friends may not care about you as much as you think they do...and a perfe

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Dr. Wolf’s Phantom Bill

Once upon a time a debt collector telephoned Little Red Riding Hood’s grandmother about a medical bill.  “But I paid that bill two years ago,” Grandma Riding Hood told the caller.  Still, the caller insisted there was an outstanding balance a

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Not Going Anywhere for 20 Years?

The standard operating procedure in credit card debt is not to be sued by your credit card company, but instead by a third-party debt-buyer.  Most consumers arrive at Small Claims Court and the Judge says:  “Do you admit or deny the claim?”  T

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Garnishment is Better Than Debtors’ Prison

Garnishment is better than debtors’ prison because it gives the debtor a chance to repay their bills instead of relying on their family to buy them out of hock...but it is still not great.  With garnishment, money just disappears from your paychec

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