Eight grand is a heck of a bar tab, especially if you are paying it as a DUI conviction.  The St. Augustine Record recently ran an article with a cost breakdown for a first-offense DUI conviction (http://staugustine.com/news/local-news/2013-05-26/dui-arrest-will-prove-costly#.Ua44U0CTgYA).  Citing information from the Florida Department of Motor Vehicles, they totaled the sum at $8,000 for everything from insurance increases to court costs.

A DUI is a serious charge.  Treat it seriously.  A DUI charge is an arrest, finger printing, and a criminal record…not to mention the financial inconvenience (and possible injury or loss of life).  Any time you are facing heavy fines or jail time, make sure the penalty fits the crime.  Do not accept the maximum penalty just because you do not know better.  Seek competent legal counsel to work with prosecutors for a correct resolution.

There are a lot of things you can do with $8,000.  Paying for a DUI might not be the top of your list.  The best choice is prevention—do not drive while intoxicated and get stuck with a bar tab you cannot afford.