The purpose of Adverse Possession (or ‘Land Piracy’ or ‘Squatters Rights’) is to maintain a property if the owner abandons it.  Adverse possession is not necessarily a bad thing, and the law does provide for it, but there is paperwork. “A Hooker ON Every Corner” is one mnemonic for remembering the elements of Adverse Possession where the claimant has to establish Actual, Hostile, Open, Notorious, Exclusive, Continuous occupation of the property.  By Florida Statute, it takes seven years to claim adverse possession, and that is more than just mowing the lawn on the property and paying taxes for it, you also have to file a Return with the Florida Department of Revenue, form DR-452 (see attached).   dr452 Adverse Possession requires paperwork, and you have to be a real land-lover to do it; otherwise, stick to the high seas!   Read More