Today is Thursday, November 19; you have 36 shopping days left until Christmas.  If you have been served a home Foreclosure Summons, you have even fewer days than that to respond, and if you have been served a Three-Day Notice to Pay or Quit at your rental unit, you have even less time.

Once you receive a Foreclosure Summons, you only have 20 days to file a response or you could be defaulted in the case.  Note:  those are 20 calendar days as the crow flies, not around weekends and holidays.  The clock is ticking through Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, and Festivus.

By contrast, Landlord-Tenant Law works off the courthouse calendar, not Wal-Mart hours.  Landlord notices come in increments of less than ten days.  Because that is such a short amount of time, the court does not count holidays or weekends to allow the tenant time to get things done.  Plus it is harder for a tenant to pay a landlord on holidays and weekends when banks are closed.  Thus in renter eviction, holidays and weekends do not count in notices.

Regardless of how many shopping days you have left, if you received a Foreclosure Summons or Three-Day Notice, the clock is ticking, and if you do not heed the deadlines, time can work against you and your position to make choices.  Seek competent legal counsel to discuss your choices.