Florida is a ‘right-to-dry’ state, meaning that clotheslines are generally allowed (check your covenants and restrictions).  Though you might be permitted to air your dirty laundry, you may not want to, especially in divorce.  Fortunately, Florida also has Therapeutic Divorce.

Therapeutic Divorce does not mean keep getting divorced until you feel better.  The idea behind it is to work out the details while allowing both sides to continue to be good parents, good employees or employers, good at whatever it is that they are.  It keeps the focus on the business of how best to deal with the details.

One of the amenities of Therapeutic Divorce is that the details do not go into public recordsBecause the process goes through mediation and not through the court, the dirty laundry is hampered from public view.

Therapeutic Divorce offers an alternative to courtroom drama.  Seek competent legal counsel to discuss your circumstances and your divorce options.