Driving Under the Influence and Due Diligence are not logical companions.  If you did your due diligence, you would have gotten a designated driver or made other transportation arrangements ahead of time.  However, if you are charged with DUI, there is some due diligence you can take to help the penalty fit the crime.

A DUI is a serious charge which should be treated seriously.  Besides possible injury or loss of life, fines for DUI convictions start at $500 and run into thousands of dollars, depending on how many times you have been convicted, your blood alcohol level, and if you had a minor in the car with you.  Those are just the penalty expenses, which do not include court costs, legal fees, insurance increases, and possible labor hours lost due to incarceration and/or community service, and/or DUI education.

While alcohol can impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle correctly with safety considerations to yourself and others, currently we deal with this problem through penalty, but there are flaws in our system.

A DUI defense often deals with proper testing procedure and appropriate punishment.  Was the evidence obtained correctly and is it scientific?  Does the penalty fit the crime?  If you do not question these issues, then you sentence yourself to whatever the State has to say.

Do not accept the maximum penalty just because you do not know better.  Do your due diligence and seek competent legal counsel to work with prosecutors for a correct resolution.