Some say we never really grow up, we only learn to act in public.  If that breaks down, you may want to get a lawyer.

DUI is an unpopular topic, often for good reason; however, if you are charged with Driving Under the Influence, it becomes a necessary discussion.

The St. Johns County Sheriff’s Department booklet has this to say about DUI:

“It is illegal to operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  DUI can be proved by a Blood Alcohol limit of 0.08 and higher or if your normal driving faculties are impaired.  Impairment can be caused by alcohol, alcohol in combination with other medications, legal and illegal drugs.  Penalties for DUI include:  arrests, court costs and fines (a court case can cost up to $6,000), impoundment, license revocation of six months to a year, DUI School and Evaluation, ignition interlock device, probation of up to a year, 50 hours of community service and increased insurance costs.  A DUI stays on your record for 75 years.”

Alcohol can impair your ability to operate a motor vehicle correctly with safety considerations to yourself and others.  Currently we deal with this problem through penalty, but there are flaws in our system.

A DUI defense often deals with proper testing procedure and appropriate punishment.  Was the evidence obtained correctly and is it scientific?  Does the penalty fit the crime?  If you do not question these issues, then you sentence yourself to whatever the State has to say.

There are a lot of situations where having an attorney can be very helpful to get the best resolution possible from unfortunate circumstances.  A DUI charge is not the least of these.