The ultimate goal of Bankruptcy is to be as evergreen as a plastic Christmas tree, but in the meantime, you have to endure a series of hard winters on spending.

Bankruptcy is not designed for a deciduous lifestyle.  You cannot squander your money annually and cry “Bankruptcy!” like it is a season of the year.  Bankruptcy should be a sign of recovery, but it starts at the stump of your credit.

You can only file Bankruptcy every so many years, and in the meantime, you are supposed to use the timber of your fall to build new credit.  Going green is a nice notion, but it is a gradual process.  Bankruptcy keeps creditors off your greenbacks, giving you a chance to recover your portfoliage, adding growth rings to your trunk to support your expenditure branches.

Bankruptcy stops foreclosure in most cases, but it is not an action to be taken lightly because you have to come back from a hard freeze on spending.