Dr. Frankenstein was a terrible tenant.  There were strange smells, late night excavations, and complaints from undertakers about missing corpses.  Furthermore, Dr. Frankenstein never paid his rent.  His landlord was fed up and wanted Dr. Frankenstein out.

What the landlord did not know was that Dr. Frankenstein was conducting his greatest experiment, a matter of life and death!  Dr. Frankenstein was building a superhuman with the legs of a running back, the arms of a weightlifter, and the head of a law professor.  Just at the moment when Dr. Frankenstein was going to unite the various body parts with a surge of electrical current, the landlord shut the power off.

However, also at that moment a storm was approaching.  Dr. Frankenstein hoisted the lifeless collection of body parts to the highest point of his rental property, and then tied a kite to his creation.

Sure enough—SHAAA-ZAMMO!

Lightning struck with ten thousand times the voltage that would have come from  Dr. Frankenstein’s washer/dryer outlet, and behold…the creature came to life!  With superhuman strength and the madness only possessed by law professors and judges who’ve sat on the bench too long, the creature took off in a rampage, destroying everything in its path!

Next the villagers came with pitchforks and torches, and attacked the landlord.  Yes, the landlord.  After all, the landlord had created this monster by turning off the electricity to the rental unit instead of properly evicting Dr. Frankenstein.


Do not take short cuts in tenant eviction.  There is a right way to do it, and the wrong way can cost you damages or three-month’s rent (whichever is more).  Renters in possession have rights…even if they have not paid the rent.  If you infringe on those rights, it could be you who gets billed.

Know and follow the proper procedure for tenant eviction; it is available free online at http://www.rustylaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Evictions.pdf . You can also read the entire Landlord/Tenant statute at http://www.rustylaw.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Chapter83.pdf .

As for the monster, he was completely unstoppable and went on to make multiple cameo appearances on the Discovery Channel, and was last rumored considering a run at the Republican Primary.

Happy Halloween!