There is no good time to be served a lawsuit, but some moments are better than others.  You do not want to be out on a date, listening to a local band and receive service of process.  The best time to face the music starts when the process server first appears.

Service of Process is personal delivery of notice that a lawsuit is filed against you, and an invitation for you to respond.  It is the court’s way of gaining jurisdiction over a matter and making sure that everyone involved is informed.

While it may not be good news for you, it is better than no news.  Nobody wants a surprise lawsuit with no chance at defense.  Furthermore, the faster you address the issue, the sooner it can start to be resolved.

If you owe money, probably you know it is coming.  You can control the scene by accepting Service of Process at your door, instead of at a time and place inconvenient to your schedule and dignity.  The sooner you face the music, the sooner the song can be played out, and you can avoid an awkward encounter elsewhere.

For a fun way to face the music, come see me play and sing at Gypsy Cab’s Corner Bar tonight.  My band, OE-2-KB (Old Enough-2-Know Better) performs starting at 7:00 pm.  There is no cover charge; you can just listen, dance, and sing along.  For more information about the band, go to