In Foreclosure Defense, if you take a case to trial, you play for a fumble.  You are not going to win the game, but you may score something else, like a mortgage modification or a short sale.  You get to ask the other side to prove their case, and in doing so, they may reveal weaknesses, such as unverified information or lack of authority to foreclose.

You cannot just launch a Foreclosure Defense for the sake of delay of game.  It is not a way to live in your house rent-free.  You have to have a goal, such as selling your home to move to more affordable housing, or renegotiating your loan so you can afford the payments on your current home.

With a foreclosure defense, you are not going to run into the end zone with a free home, but you may be able to advance the ball towards an alternative resolution, one more desirable than “Foreclosure” on your credit scoreboard.

Seek competent legal counsel to discuss the details of your mortgage debt and personal situation so you can pursue a legal choice best suited for you.