Home foreclosure is no longer making headlines like it did in the Recession, but Floridians are still feeling the impact from the economic downturn according to a survey by the University of South Florida and the Nielsen Company.

Though Florida foreclosures have decreased, Florida ranks number two nationally in highest foreclosure rates in the third quarter, according to RealtyTrac.  They reported numbers in our area for September as follows:

Clay County – One in every 368 *

Duval County – One in every 541

Flagler County – One in every 497

Nassau County – One in every 516

Putnam County – One in every 506

St. Johns County – One in every 1,200

(* Note that Clay County is in the top five foreclosure counties in Florida.)

While foreclosure is not currently the forefront of the news, if it is affecting you, then it is the headline of your financial life.  There may be a legal resolution.  Seek competent legal counsel to learn what legal choices you may have.