So you go out to a restaurant and the service is lousy and there is only one thing on the menu.  Sounds like Foreclosure Mediation—check, please!

Foreclosure Mediation is supposed to be a negotiation, but in reality, it is a monologue.  You cannot negotiate only one option.  And you cannot negotiate with someone who only has the authority to offer one option.

The Florida Supreme Court mandated Foreclosure Mediation in 2009 to help relieve the backlog of cases, but the program stagnated over the singular result of all Foreclosure Mediations.  A high court panel recently recognized the problem.

Loan Modification (despite its mythic proportions) can be a viable resolution to foreclosure…so can a handful of other choices.  Of the 350,000 foreclosure cases in Florida, they are not all alike.  Homeowners benefit when they have more than one option.

Foreclosure Defense offers a variety of choices, allowing the Homeowner to customize a strategy to his individual situation.  Meanwhile, a legal defense questions the Lender’s authority to take action, keeping default from overtaking the Homeowner before a strategy has the chance to work.

In the mayhem of Mortgage Backed Securities, does the plaintiff really own the loan and have the authority to modify it?  Check, please!