The average home foreclosure in St. Johns County takes six to eight months (according to St. Johns Housing Partnership)…but it does not have to.  Just because a homeowner is facing foreclosure does not mean a foreclosure sale is the only possible outcome.  There may be alternatives available to the homeowner, and the faster a homeowner acts, the better chance they have of keeping their home.

Sometimes just knowing the steps of the process may give the homeowner stress relief.  Understanding the process, and being able to make informed decisions about an outcome reduces the element of the unknown.  St. Johns Housing Partnership has an online presentation on the basics of home foreclosure at

No one should go through foreclosure alone.  While a foreclosure alternative may be available, the homeowner may need a third-party professional involved in order to complete a resolution.  A HUD Certified Counselor or an attorney may be needed to help the homeowner pursue and ending that brings them the best benefit.  Furthermore, that professional can help the homeowner navigate the process and give more specific information regarding options at each choice point.