Frustration?  Anxiety?  Dizziness?  You could be experiencing any number of medical distresses…or you could be in home foreclosure.  Yoga is not going to make your legal problem go away.  Instead, foreclosure defense comes with a side effect of its own—time—which may help counteract the stressful side effects of home foreclosure.

Time is a side effect of a Foreclosure Defense.  While the legal defense addresses the litigation issues of your case, you have the opportunity to pursue an alternative to foreclosure.  Foreclosure defense is not a denial of debt.  Instead, it asks the bank or loan servicer to prove their case.  While they are busy verifying the records and their authority to foreclosure, you have time to work out an alternative, like a mortgage modification or short saleThe idea is to reach an outcome of best benefit to you before the lender can complete their case against you.

Seek competent legal counsel to discuss your situation.  Sometimes there is no resolution; however, just knowing the steps of the foreclosure process may give you some stress relief.  Understanding the process, and being able to make informed decisions about an outcome reduces the element of the unknown.