Eddie Van Halen played the guitar on Michael Jackson’s “Beat It,” and he did it for free.  Sometimes you get what you pay for…and sometimes you get a whole lot more.  If you need solutions to home foreclosure more than a guitar solo, then good, free, local resources include the following:

St. Johns Housing Partnership (SJHP)

SJHP is non-profit agency whose services are offered to the public regardless of income.  They work with borrowers living in million dollar homes as well as those eligible for Legal Aid.  Their HUD certified counselors are sensitive to what their clients are going through, and they are knowledgeable and experienced negotiating with lenders on a loan modification that works for everybody.  SJHP does a background check on their clients without waiting for the bank to do one.  They get good results because they do the homework ahead of time.  There is no way to predict how long a mortgage modification will take, but you have a better chance to a permanent solution with SJHP.

To learn more about St. Johns Housing Partnership, contact them at (904) 819-1266 (www.sjhp.org ). Mortgage modification is a very good idea in concept.  SJHP may be able to make it a reality, giving relief to local homeowners by negotiating monthly payments they can afford.

St. Johns County Legal Aid

St. Johns Legal Aid is another local non-profit agency that helps people dealing with debt (plus other civil legal issues such as Landlord-Tenant Law).  Their motto is, “A wealth of justice for those who have neither,” and they mean it.

If you think you cannot afford an attorney, contact your local Legal Aid office.  Even if you do not qualify for Legal Aid, they have a lot of pamphlets you may find helpful.  You can come to their office at 222 San Marco Avenue in St. Augustine, or call to make an appointment at (904) 827-9921.  The Legal Aid website is http://www.jaxlegalaid.org/stjohns.html.

“Land Title Talk” Radio Show on 102.3 FM WFOY November 21 from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m.

“Land Title Talk” is a live broadcast my brother, Stephen Collins, and I do the first and third Thursday of the month on 102.3 FM WFOY  http://www.1023newsradio.com from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m.  Listeners are welcome to call in with legal questions during airtime, or just tune in as we discuss legal and real estate-related topics.  Our next broadcast is November 21.  “Land Title Talk” is free as air.

And if you are looking for a free guitar solo…come see me play at Gypsy Cab’s Corner Bar Wednesday.  My band, OE-2-KB (Old Enough-2-Know Better), plays at 7:30 p.m.  You probably will not get much foreclosure advice, but there is no cover charge.