Unless you are a legal professional, you may not recognize the nuances of the law, some of which could work against you (and some of which could work for you).  Depending on the case, attorney involvement can avoid or reduce adverse effects of a problem, and may cause a situation to be less costly.  Furthermore, good legal advice may be more readily available than you realize and less expensive than you anticipated.

Sources of competent legal advice may include:

  1. Legal Aid. Visit the Legal Aid office for your area. Even if you do not qualify for their help, they have information pamphlets which may be useful.  You can find out more online at http://www.jaxlegalaid.org/stjohns.html
  2. Contact an Attorney. An initial consultation is sometimes free of charge or at a low fee, depending on the matter.
  3. Online Media. Forums such as this website offer dialogue opportunities where you can write in general questions. Remember not to share personal information in an open forum, and be sure you are communicating with a qualified legal professional.
  4. Land Title TalkRadio Show is on each first and third Friday from 8:00 to 9:00 a.m. on 102.1 FM WFOY or online at www.1240News.com. This is the radio show I am on, where listeners can call in with legal questions, or just tune in as I discuss legal topics. The next broadcast is Friday, June 19.

If you are in legal distress, good legal counsel can help you distinguish the bad from the ugly.  Being well-informed regarding your legal options can only help you make the best decisions you are capable of making.