What is the life sentence on Foreclosure Avenue?  Say you are a homeowner who has not made mortgage payments in a while, and say you have been served notice of foreclosure, how long do you have to live in your house?  Say you are a tenant, how long do you have to live in your leased space once you receive a foreclosure notice?  These questions recently came up on the radio show ‘Land Title Talk.’

The key to foreclosure is that you are the owner of your home until the Certificate of Title is issued by the Clerk of Courts.

Unlike Georgia, Florida homeowners remain homeowners throughout the foreclosure process, even through the foreclosure sale at the courthouse steps.  Usually about ten days after the foreclosure sale ownership transfers when the Clerk of Courts issues a Certificate of Sale.

If you are NOT the homeowner, but a tenant in the home, you may have some rights.  Provided you have a bona fide lease, you may be able to finish the term of the lease or have 90 days.

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