The dog ate my jury summons?

Tourette’s Syndrome?

Allergic to the courtroom carpet fibers?

The dog will bark if I am gone during the day?

SpaceX has stranded me on the Space Station?

Dated one of the attorneys trying the case?

Dated the judge?

Dated the defendant?

I am the Governor of the State of Florida?

My dog is the Governor of the State of Florida?

While some people have a legitimate qualification to be excused from jury duty, others do not.  Furthermore, some excuses may be more effective than others to get your fined and held in contempt of court.

On the other hand, jury duty allows you to have active participation in the fair administration of justice.

Most people would rather be fishing than to be in court, especially facing legal action against them—that is when they need their peers.  Jury Duty lets you help decide the fate of people in your community.  The Sixth Amendment gives us the right to trial by jury, and your service as a juror makes that right possible.  As a juror, you can change the outcome of a trial.