The latest home foreclosure statistics show that foreclosures are down nationwide for the first quarter of 2015, but Florida is still in the lead for the top foreclosure state, with two of its cities in the top 10 metro areas of homeowner distress (Miami in first place and Tampa in seventh).  While Northeast Florida counties are above the national numbers of foreclosures, some of them are less than the statewide number.

Nationally one in every 1,082 home is in a state of foreclosure.  Statewide in Florida, that number is one in every 446.  St. Johns County, however, is doing better that the statewide statistic (one in every 991) as is Putnam County (one in every 520) and Flagler County (one in every 451).  Clay and Duval Counties fall below the statewide number with one in every 329 and one in every 355 respectively.

The thing about statistics is that they do not really matter…unless you are part of them.  Regardless of the trend, if you have received a foreclosure notice, the problem has hit home.  Seek competent legal counsel to discuss your options.


These statistics are from the March 2015 RealtyTrac report.  For more information on foreclosure statistics, visit RealtyTrac at