I am OCD about certain things, ZIP codes is one of them (I have to add the four digits) and Legal Descriptions of land is another.  I have to run out the metes and bounds.

Metes and bounds is a way of depicting the boundaries of a piece of land through recorded points, angles, directions, and distances.  Surveying is not an exact science, however, and I have seen errors, and errors make a difference.

The Legal Description of a property is one of the bones of a real estate contract (along with the names of the buyers and sellers, terms, and signature of the party to be charged by the contract).  That is why I do not accept the Legal Description as written; I have to go look it up as part of the due diligence of a real estate deal.

Also note, the Legal Description is NOT the same as the Tax Reference.  (The Tax Reference is only for the assessment of taxes—NOT the conveyance of the property.)