Do you want the devil you do know, or the one you do not?  A good judge displays impartiality and an understanding of the law.  A person may still be a good judge even if you do not agree with their ruling.

As the Florida Bar points out, “All Floridians are affected by the laws of the state and county in which they live.  Judges make decisions on a wide range of issues large and small including traffic, small claims, landlord-tenant, personal injury, criminal, death penalty, probate, guardianship and others.”  Thus judicial elections and merit retentions are a significant part of the election process.

Most circuit court judges and county court judges are elected to serve six year terms.  Then to keep their seats on the bench, they have to be re-elected.   Appellate court judges and Florida Supreme Court justices are appointed by the governor; however, they have to go through periodic merit retention with the voters to remain on the bench.  Thus the voters have oversight on judicial appointments.

Again, congratulations to Judge Berger on her appointment to the Fifth District Court of Appeals.