Drugs can be important; they can also be illegal, but if a legitimate doctor has prescribed medicine for you, the only way that treatment has a chance of being effective is if you take it.  You cannot take your medicine if you have no means to pay for it.  Minding your meds is also a function of minding your money.

Everyone should pay their bills, and everyone should put food on their table, gas in their car so they can go to work, keep up their rent to have a roof over their heads, and take their medicine if they are sick.  Despite pressure from debt collectors, keep your priorities straight and work to resolve your debt within your legal rights.  (Do not cash in your 401K to pay your Visa bill.  Do not stop paying your mortgage to pay your MasterCard account.)

A legitimate debt collection company will follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act—an unscrupulous company will not.  Unfair Debt Collection Practices include statements that are not only untrue, they are illegal.  Some threaten consumers with jail time, or they say they will come into the debtor’s house and take the wedding ring off her finger.

Just because you owe money does not mean you lack rights.

If better living through chemistry is your prescribed lifestyle, make sure you can support it.  For general information on consumer rights, go to the Federal Trade Commission site at http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0149-debt-collection.  To discuss the specifics of your consumer rights, seek competent legal counsel.