The time of gift giving often happens before a foreclosure trial, when you get a settlement instead of a sale on the courthouse steps.  It is the most wonderful time of the year no matter what season, but it generally is not going to happen without prompting from a foreclosure defense.

If the loan servicer and the home loan borrower can come to an agreement before the trial, then they can avoid the time and expense of litigation.  It can be the best outcome for both parties in a non-ideal situation.  Usually it takes a foreclosure defense to facilitate this kind of result.

Without a foreclosure defense, the loan servicer’s case is going to go through the court system unquestioned and therefore most likely unfulfilled by further generosity.  “No” is always the answer if you do not ask.  However, if the borrower raises a legal defense, then the loan servicer is more motivated to look deeper into the file and see how much they can give.

Charity starts at home…but your loan servicer is not going to remember that without a foreclosure defense to remind them.  If you are facing foreclosure, seek competent legal counsel to open a dialogue of questions and answers with your home loan servicer.