Paying with a credit card may cost you more than you think.  Depending on how fast you pay off your credit card bill, the interest could exceed the sale or coupon you used in the purchase.  Find out exactly how much that credit card annual percentage rate (APR) will cost you with this easy online calculator.

This free online calculator is provided by Jeff Atwater, State of Florida’s Chief Financial Officer, on his website  Enter the purchase price, APR, and amount you plan to pay each month, then the calculator will show you how much total interest you will owe, and how many months it will take to pay off the purchase with interest.

You may want to adjust how much you are willing to spend on the initial purchase (get a less expensive item), or be more aggressive at paying your credit card bill (pay more each month).  Knowing how much (and for how long) you will be paying can help you make better budgetary decisions for your financial fitness and overall purchasing power.