Never mind about me; look at the merits of the case—that is the admonition to the jury.  It does not matter whether my hair is crooked and my jacket smells of milk, do not base your decision on me or any other attorney in a court case; instead, think about what was presented in the trial.  Base your verdict on the evidence and on the judge’s instruction as to the law.

Listen to every question and every answer.  Do not decide anything about my client based on how good my tie looks.  You are not in Kansas anymore; you are in the jury box and your job is to be impartial.  The integrity of my shirt collar should not sway your opinion of my client.

There is no wizard in justice…there is you.  As a juror, you decide.  Use your brains, your heart, and your courage to weigh the evidence and to bring a peer to justice.  Thank you for serving.