It is November, did you get a tax bill on your real estate?  It is not due till late March (though the earlier you pay the less it costs), but it is your notice of ownership.

“All owners of property shall be held to know that taxes are due and payable annually and are charged with the duty of ascertaining the amount of current and delinquent taxes and paying them before April 1st of the following year in which taxes are assessed.”  Florida Statutes 197.122.

Florida is a Notice State.  That means ownership priority is given to the buyer who lacks constructive notice of earlier conflicting interests.  If Christopher Crook sells a piece of property at Title Company A, and then before it is recorded Mr. Crook sells the same property at Title Company B, who is the owner of the property?  Answer:  Buyer B.  The buyer at the second closing does not have Notice if Title A has not made it to the courthouse yet.  Once the deed is recorded, then Constructive Notice is given.

Constructive Notice is a legal fiction that helps prioritize claims.

If you own property and have not received a tax bill (or notice), that is your Constructive Notice that something is going on with the ownership title to your property.  Consult you attorney to investigate, or you can go online to the property appraiser’s office for more information.  In St. Johns County, the link is