Sometimes people commit crimes and sometimes cops lie.  Neither is supposed to happen, but the gap between what is supposed to happen, and what does happen could mean the difference between incarceration and a lesser punishment, depending on the situation.

In criminal cases we could be talking real estate versus jewelry:  do you get a corner cell or wear an anklet?  If you are facing criminal charges, it could be worth your freedom to explore your defense options.  Even if you know you are guilty and prepared for punishment, get a second opinion from competent legal counsel.  While you may represent yourself in court, a criminal defense lawyer may be able to help the punishment better fit the crime.

Just because you are guilty does not mean you have to accept the maximum penalty.  Good legal counsel will review your case from all angles, including police reports and witness statements.

Sitting on Santa’s lap when you are 40 is not your best move, neither is accepting a large fine or jail time without at least looking at your possible legal defenses.

The best way to avoid criminal charges is not to commit the crime.  If you have committed a crime, do not ask Santa for mercy from the courts…get a lawyer.