Sometimes there are no great solutions.  Sometimes “solutions” do not work.  However, competent legal counsel can help reveal options open to you and help you pursue them.  And sometimes just knowing what could happen next in the legal process can help you prepare and deal with outcomes as they occur.

Talking to an attorney does not have to be a frightening experience, or an expensive one.  Many attorneys offer free consultations (which you can find out with a phone call to their office) or you may be eligible for Legal Aid (depending on your income level).

If you think you cannot afford an attorney in a civil case, contact your local Legal Aid office.  Even if you do not qualify for Legal Aid, they have a lot of pamphlets you may find helpful.  You can visit their office at 222 San Marco Avenue in St. Augustine, or call to make an appointment at (904) 827-9921.  The Legal Aid website is