Medicine is usually most effective if you take it on schedule; however, if you take a scheduled drug, put it in a pill case in your purse and fail to bring the doctor’s prescription with you, which can create some legal side effects you might not necessarily want.

If the prescription is on the pill bottle (and you are the patient for whom the medicine is prescribed) and you have the pill bottle with you, fine, but a lot of people like to put their drugs in pill cases so they remember to take them on the right days at the right times.  That is fine also, as long as you have the prescriptions with you as well.

Though a scheduled drug may be legally prescribed to you, if you do not have that prescription with you, you could still be arrested for possession of a controlled substance and have that arrest on your permanent record even if you can prove later that you were living better through chemistry under a doctor’s orders.

If you take a scheduled drug, keep the doctor’s prescription with you.