Just as the Gator defense kept Alabama from gaining yardage in the SEC Championship game, foreclosure defense may be able to assist in loss of credit in a home foreclosure.  You are not going to win the case, but you are not going to lose as much credit as you would without a defense.  Furthermore, unlike the Florida-Alabama game, a legal defense may be able to bring about a different outcome.

In court, there is a winner and there is a loser, just like a football game, but with a foreclosure defense, you may be able to achieve an alternative outcome before the foreclosure case has the chance to finish.

A foreclosure defense addresses the legal aspect of the case, asking the plaintiff to prove their case, and while the plaintiff is occupied with that proof, the homeowner has the opportunity to pursue a foreclosure alternative, such as a mortgage modification or a short sale.  A foreclosure defense is not a denial of the debt, but it may be able to do something different with the way that debt is handled, something that brings a better benefit to the homeowner.

Sweet Home Alabama” is probably not the most popular song in Gainesville right now.  It is not the most popular song with my band, OE-2-KB (Old Enough-2-Know Better) either.  The song is made up of the same four chords over and over and it just goes on…similar to foreclosure.  For an alternative tune seek competent legal counsel regarding your home foreclosure, and check out the OE-2-KB schedule of performances this month at http://www.oe-2-kb.com/.