For 99 cents, Massachusetts couples can figure out how much divorce will cost them in alimony…and do it at the tap of an app on their iPhone.  Launched by a divorce lawyer, the new app calculates alimony and divorce payments for unhappy couples in Massachusetts, and creates child support forms in PDF formats.  The app does not work in Florida. Divorce laws differ from state to state, for instance Florida does not recognize a ‘legally separated’ status the way Massachusetts does.  Nor does Florida calculate alimony the same way. Florida does offer Therapeutic Divorce, however, as an alternative to a blood sport courtroom drama.  Once the love is gone, it’s only math.  The idea behind Therapeutic Divorce is to work out the details while allowing both sides to continue to be good parents, good employees or employers, good at whatever it is that they are.  It keeps the focus on the business of how best to deal with the details, and also does not make public those details.  Because the process goes through mediation and not through the court, the dirty laundry is hampered from public view. Massachusetts’ alimony app may be just the thing while neighboring New York is […] Read More