Almost all arrestees are entitled to a bond.  There are two purposes for a bond, the first one is to guarantee your attendance to Court Appearances and the second is to protect the public.  A Normal Person charged with DUI gets $500 or ROR (Released on Recognizance), and Crazy Ax Murderer either has no bond or $10 million. Within 24 hours of getting arrested you are to be brought before a judge for “First Appearance.” The judge looks at the probable cause affidavits (arrest affidavits) and determines a proper bond. Typically, the court has a schedule of general charges and bonds; however, you can request a “bond hearing” in an attempt to reduce the bond.  A Bond Hearing is a mechanism to make arguments that the defendant WILL appear and is NOT a danger to the public. You may want consult legal counsel.  A defense attorney represents you and works to get an appropriate penalty to fit your action, as opposed to simply accepting the maximum penalty.   Read More