Everybody wants to feel wanted, unless you are wanted by law enforcement.  An outstanding warrant for your arrest is not exactly the high mark on your resume. Sheriff David Shoar of St. Johns County recently printed a directory of “Wanted Ads” in The St. Augustine Record.  He is asking the public to act as a “force multiplier.”  Make your tax dollars go a little farther by “being an extra set of eyes and ears” and giving information on the whereabouts of individuals with outstanding arrest warrants. Not to worry if you missed the print edition of the wanted directory.  This information is also online on the Sheriff’s Office website at http://www.sjso.org/wanted/indexwanted.aspx (with access to FDLE Sexual Predator and Offender database as well). Help keep our community safe by working in partnership with St. Johns Sheriff’s Office.  You can call that office at (904) 824-8304 with information on anyone listed as having an outstanding arrest warrant. If you find yourself on that wanted list, you may turn yourself in any time day or night at the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office located at 4015 Lewis Speedway in St. Augustine. Read More