So you predeceased the proper completion of your will.  No problem.  The State has one for you; it is called an Intestate Will.  If you pass away without a will, the State runs up and down your family tree until they find an appropriate heir.  In the absence of a spouse or descendant, property can pass to a parent or sibling.  If there is none of the above, then a person who is a grandparent, aunt, uncle or first cousin may become a beneficiary.  Intestate Will is like the Auto-Correct of unfinished business. For some situations, the default arrangements of the Intestate Will satisfy the wishes of the deceased.  However, depending on your circumstances, you may want to control how your assets are distributed after you die.  The Auto-Correct function on a Smart Phone can be useful and save time…and it can also substitute ‘divorce’ for ‘Disney,’ mix up ‘kids’ and ‘LSD,’ and insert ‘horse ovaries’ for ‘hors d’oeuvres.’  Thus, The LSD after Disney might inherit your trays for horse ovaries.  Default settings may not be the outcome you are looking for.  You may want to override Intestate Will by writing a will of your own. The most important thing […] Read More