Once upon a time there was a Troll who lived under a bridge hiding from the Process Server.  The Troll owned a fine house up on the hill, but he had not made a mortgage payment in a while, and instead of facing his financial troubles, he hid under this bridge knowing he was a goner and hoping that the Process Server would never find him. One day a small goat passed over the bridge.  The greedy Troll rushed out and said:  ‘Halt!  This is a Troll bridge and you must pay the Troll!’ ‘Relax, Troll,’ said the goat, ‘I am the littlest of the Billy Goats Gruff.  My brother will be along soon who is bigger than I, and he will pay a much larger sum than I could give you.’ This kind of made sense to the Troll, so he let the little goat pass.  When the next goat came along, he ran out again, but the second goat declared that he was only the middle-sized goat and that the Troll should wait for his much bigger brother who could pay a much bigger sum.  So the Troll let the middle-sized goat pass. The Troll very anxiously waited […] Read More