Only fools rush in…divorce can take longer.  Divorce can be an epic blood sport, or it can be over and done with in about a month. Therapeutic Divorce offers unhappy couples greater involvement in the negotiations (instead of leaving it up to a Judge to decide) and keeps the proceedings out of public record.  Therapeutic Divorce is an alternative to the traditional courtroom drama.  Done through mediation, it gives both sides greater opportunity to mold the agreement. You can have a court battle if you want to, but if you are ready to sit down and take the necessary steps to complete the procedure, then it can be done without dragging out legal billing.  When the love is gone, it is only math. Divorce is not just for the wicked.  Therapeutic Divorce allows both sides to continue doing what they are good at—whether it is being a good parent, a good employee, etc.—while they work out the details of a difficult situation. Read More