As Father Time marches into a new year, so does the court calendar.  Timelines matter in foreclosure, and the more deadlines you can meet, the better your position is for a legal defense. Once you receive a foreclosure summons, you only have 20 days to file a response or you could be defaulted in the case.  Note:  those are 20 calendar days as the crow flies, not around weekends and holidays. You may have defensible rights (even if you have not made a payment).  Often a Motion for an Enlargement of Time can give you the chance to review your case with a foreclosure defense attorney (if you have not already done so) and go over what choices you may have. While a foreclosure defense attorney is not allowed to file things just to cause a delay, your defense attorney can file to ask the plaintiff to prove their case, and in doing so, put time on your side to pursue an alternative like a short sale or mortgage modification. In foreclosure, time can work for you towards an alternative outcome, but if you do not heed the deadlines, time can work against you and your position to make choices.  […] Read More