Legal Lecture October 24 – “Should You Ever Put Someone Else’s Name on Your Deed?”

It depends.  That is my standard answer to most questions because the answer depends on the circumstances of the individual’s situation.  The upcoming legal lecture, “Should You Ever Put Someone Else’s Name on Your Deed?” gives you factors to consider if you are trying to make that decision. As part of a fall speaker series, this free lecture is put on by St. Johns County Legal Aid, and will be given at the Players Community Senior Center in Ponte Vedra October 24.  Call for the time at (904) 280-3233. The remainder of the speaker series schedule is as follows: River House – Times 10:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. November 8 – “How to Avoid the Need for Guardianship” December 6 – “How to Handle Your Kids on Legal Issues” This speaker series is part of the outreach of St. Johns Legal Aid, a non-profit agency whose directive is to provide “A wealth of justice for those who have neither.”  Megan Wall is the managing attorney, and she is available to meet individually with elders at her office (222 San Marco Avenue in St. Augustine) or at River House.  You may schedule an individual appointment through her office at (904) 827-9921 […] Read More


Once upon a time there was a mayfly who wanted a piece of property, and he wanted it right away.  “I do not need one of them fancy deeds that a lawyer writes,” he said to himself.  “I will get me one of them ‘quick claim deeds,’ that is a fast deed—I can get it real fast!  Yeah, that is what I want.”  So he went off to the Internet and bought a form and filled it out and had the seller sign it—it was a Quit Claim Deed—and the seller’s liability toward the property ended right there. Mr. Mayfly had wanted to have the property not just to live there himself, but also to pass on as something of value to his heirs.  He built a house, raised a family, and died all in the same day—he had a congenital history of twenty-four hour lifecycles.  His intention, however, did not carry on very long.  In only a few short generations, it was discovered that the man who signed as the seller to the original Mr. Mayfly actually had no interest whatsoever in the property.  Oh he had taken Mayfly’s money all right, but the property was not rightfully his […] Read More