Foreclosure Stress

Tired of treating chronic heartburn?  Foreclosure papers today…heartburn in 20 days?  Enlargement of time now…heartburn later?  Or default later and heartburn now?  There is always better living through chemistry, but Foreclosure Defense may relieve some of the stress. Despite the 350,000 foreclosure cases currently in the Florida court system, foreclosure can be a lonely place, especially if you do not know where you are going.  No one should go through foreclosure alone.  Understanding the process, and being able to make informed decisions about your outcome reduces the element of the unknown. Competent legal counsel can review your case with you and discuss options available to you. Sometimes there are no resolutions, but just knowing the steps of the process may give you some relief.  Knowing what is going to happen next will help you prepare for it, even if you cannot change it. Read More

Flashy & Broke

The difference between flashy and broke is getting smaller.  Foreclosure Summonses are sent to the very best neighborhoods…and the very worst. If you cannot pay the mortgage, how can you afford a Foreclosure Defense? How can you NOT afford a Foreclosure Defense?  Do you want to buy a car?  Send a kid to college?  Move to a home with a more affordable mortgage? The fastest way back on your feet financially is to take an active role in getting there.  That means making informed decisions about your fiscal future.  That means seeking legal counsel.  Foreclosure Defense is not for everyone.  If you are proud of receiving a foreclosure lawsuit, or if you have terminal stupidity, you might not want to fight it.  But if you want to glimpse a future beyond the loss of home and credit, you may want to consider your options.   Foreclosure Defense is the opportunity to review your choices with an attorney, and follow a strategy toward the best benefit for you and your family. Yes, Foreclosure Defense is about making goals and pursing them.  Meanwhile, it keeps default off your back.  In the time you are trying to get a loan modification or a short […] Read More