What To Do About Unwanted Calls

There could be many reasons you receive unwanted calls:  (1) Wrong Number (including for debt collection), (2) Debt, (3) Sales Calls, and (4) Donald Trump wants your vote.  While there is not much you can do about political campaigns and wrong numbers, you may be able to reduce the number of calls for debt and sales calls with these options: Option 1:  Pay Your Bills On Time Generally this prevents creditors from picking up the phone in the first place; it also helps to build your credit.  BUT if that ship has already sailed… Option 2:  Ask Collectors to Stop Calling You can ask the debt collector to stop contacting you.  You still owe the debt, but you do not have to deal with all the calls and letters while you work out your repayment. Just because you owe money does not mean you lack rights. Write a letter to the debt collector or creditor asking them to stop contacting you, make a copy of that letter, and send the original to them, certified mail with “return receipt” so you will have a record of their receipt.  That should stop contact, with the exception of a communication to let you […] Read More

Luck & Bankruptcy

Won the Lottery lately?  Had a rich relative recently pass a fortune to you?  We cannot all live like Donald Trump.  Some of us have to go broke for a living.  And some wind up filing bankruptcy. Lucky for us there is no debtors’ prison in America.  You may get way behind on your bills and owe a lot of people money, but you do not get locked up for that.  Lucky for us, we have “Bankruptcy.” You would not take chemotherapy if you did not need it, and there are other ways of dealing with overwhelming debt, but if you have been bitten by the right snake, you file bankruptcy. Of course you can always represent yourself in court; however, having an attorney may be an advantage because of the complexity of bankruptcy law.  An attorney can help you understand the process, your options, and your personal and financial considerations involved so you can make informed decisions. Bankruptcy is a big step with long-term consequences that you need to understand beforehand.  Luck has very little to do with it, but good legal counsel could save you money. The US Courts offer general information on bankruptcy in a series of […] Read More