Rumor has it that Ms. Liebeck got $2.86 million in the coffee case against McDonald’s.  That is the amount the jury awarded; however, the judge knocked it down. Ms. Liebeck had tried to settle with Mickey D’s initially for as little as $20,000; however, as settlement attempts continued to fail, the case went to trial and the jury awarded punitive damages equal to two days’ worth of coffee revenues.  However, what most people do not hear about is that the trial court reduced the punitive damages to $480,000.  Both sides appealed, and they settled out of court for an undisclosed amount, rumored less than $600,000. Just because you are awarded money in a lawsuit that does not mean the check is inked for that amount.  Huge awards do not always come out that way.  Furthermore, we may never know the difference between rumor and reality in the McDonald’s coffee case since it settled out of court.   Our band, Old Enough-2-Know Better (OE-2-KB), does a cover of “Rumor Has It.”  To view a sample, go to  Rumor has it that is me in the background with the bass. Read More