There was a Man who had a Girlfriend.  They got in a verbal disagreement over finances.  She rather thought he should bring home more money; he thought he was doing the best he could.  The Man called the cops, but he was the one who wound up wearing the orange jumpsuit. The Man had said something to the Girlfriend and then went to his car to go to work.  The Girlfriend followed him to his car, beating on him.  He had his gun in the car.  In accordance with the two-step process of firearm safety, he stored the clip separately (which she knew).  In order to get her to back off, he moved the slide, and the sound was enough to send her back into the house.  That is when the Man realized he still needed money from her to buy gas to go to work.  He called the cops so they could help him talk to her. The most difficult thing a cop has to do is deal with a domestic dispute.  They do not know what they are walking into.  Though the Man in this case had not touched the Girlfriend, the cops had to make a decision […] Read More