The Balance with Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement has to protect the public and people’s property and people’s privacy.  The problem is Officer Friendly is not always friendly, and we pay them to this job.  There is a balance because we want the bad guys to get caught. You have a right to privacy to a certain point…then the police get to search you if they have probable cause.  Police can make a traffic stop over, and then start a conversation to see if you say something stupid. How many times is gut suspicion right?  Cop hunches are invaluable, but you have to go the right way with them.   Read More

Entertaining Law Enforcement

Stop or I’ll shoot…those are not your Miranda Rights.  You have the right to remain silent and you have the right to an attorney…just like you have the right to own a TV where you can learn these things on cop shows.  Though arrest procedures may be common knowledge, they are not always common practice. Maybe you are in some trouble, and maybe you do not know how much trouble.  If you are handcuffed and escorted by three police officers into your house prior to being arrested, you may be unsure of how to politely suggest that these guys with guns leave before they toss your bedroom without your consent.  It could be a gray area of hospitality:  entertaining armed law enforcement who have you physically restrained.  Your hands are tied; unless you employ a butler, it is going to be difficult for you to usher these “guests” to the door. The police are there to do a job, not to step on your rights like a doormat.  Even if you are in custody, you have rights.  Entertaining law enforcement could become courtroom drama.  Seek competent legal counsel to assert your rights properly. Read More