Happy Birthday…To Me!

Not everyone would want to be in court on their birthday, or dealing with serious legal matters.  Not everyone is me. Probably the judges are not going to throw me a party today, or rule in my favor just because it is my birthday, but I enjoy being an attorney and having the education and knowledge to help people through a legal problem. Not everyone would want to be onstage playing and singing, but I enjoy that too.  My brother, Stephen, and I are in a band called Old Enough-2-Know Better, and we play tonight at Gypsy Cab’s Corner Bar starting at 7:00 p.m.  You are welcome to come join the party.   Read More

National Be Kind to Lawyers Day Today

There are legal holidays and then there are legal holidays.  While banks and schools remain open today, the second Tuesday of April is National Be Kind to Lawyers Day. Lawyers are a special class.  Legal work often falls between death and taxes, aligning lawyers with the inevitable and overpriced—it takes only one lawyer to screw in a light bulb and ninety-nine to bill for it.  However, when you are in trouble, whether it is civil or criminal, you want the best weasel or shark or blood sucking attorney you can find to obtain the best result possible under the circumstances. If you are involved in a court case, cooperate with your legal counsel today and the other 364 days of the year, and let your lawyer show everything he or she can do for you.   Read More