Boy meets girl.  They fall in love.  They get married.  Then boy finds out that girl is sleeping with his best friend.  To get “even,” boy sleeps with girl’s best friend.  Boy wakes up with a rash. Divorce is sometimes necessary.  Once the love is gone, it’s only math, and lawyers can help you get through the long division. Division follows a pattern of steps until there are no remainders.  Quotients do not come from rash decisions.  In a personal situation, you may need separation from the emotional aspect in order to proceed with the “business” of divorce.  Lawyers remove emotion so that a problem can be resolved. You can still spend a lot of time, money, and anguish in a divorce case.  You can pay astronomical legal fees to a divorce attorney to eviscerate your spouse.  Or you may want to consider Therapeutic Divorce.   An advantage of Therapeutic Divorce is that it goes through mediation, not public records.  You sit down with your ex-spouse-to-be and hammer out a deal that everyone can agree on…you are not leaving your assets up to a judge to divide.  Thus Therapeutic Divorce is a way for the couple to have more control over […] Read More