In current headlines, MERS is that Middle East Respiratory Syndrome that starts with flu-like systems and goes bad from there.  MERS also stands for ‘Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems, Inc.’  You may recognize it as the brand name for finding your mortgage loan servicer and / or the owner of your note. Know your mortgage servicer—that is who you should send your mortgage payments to.  It is also the company you ask to negotiate the terms of your loan if you have difficulty making those payments.  Cannot find your mortgage servicer?  MERS usually can, using the property address, borrower’s name and Social Security number, or mortgage identification number.  With some additional information, they can also find the owner of your note in most cases. MERS is only known to lead to death in the medical context.  In the mortgage context, MERS can help you find the correct company to negotiate your loan.   Read More