Last summer the band I am in OE-2-KB (“Old Enough-2-Know Better”) played an outdoor venue on the St. Johns River.  We were worried about rain, but that was not the problem.  We just happened to be there the one night a million blind mosquitoes hatched.  It was no big deal—or in text-speak “NBD”—except we could not continue playing.  The blind mosquitoes did not bite, but I had a page of my music stuck together with dead bug bodies.  We had bugs in our music, in our mouths, and in our instruments.  Similarly, in an agreement between friends, what seems like NBD, can become a bigger deal than expected. It is no big deal…until it is.   You do not go into business with someone you think you are going to have to sue, but misunderstanding is a quick remedy to friendship, especially with a spoken contract.  If you are doing business with someone, go ahead and write it down.  Then you both have a record to refer back to, and specified remedies if there is a breach of contract. Contracts take the mystery out of a situation.  They specify an action for every event.  In other words, they are made to […] Read More