Property owners have an assumption of risk.   If you have an obvious pit on the property that is fenced off, well marked, and with warnings everywhere, and someone walks into it…then that person is an idiot.  However, for $400 anybody can sue anybody for anything (just about), and you have to pay legal fees to defend yourself. Do not try to find a way out of liability, but instead spread the risk over as many people as possible. A limited liability company (LLC) is not the end all be all; there are caveats to everything.  An LLC has value, but it depends on the overall situation.  Even a trust can be attackable depending on how it is set up. The best way to limit liability is insurance.   You need a good insurance agent to help you get the right amount of insurance.  Insurance can help you pay the expense of legal defense; however, with too much insurance, you are a target. Courts are about dollars, not emotions.  Competent legal counsel can help you weigh the risks versus the rewards.   Read More