NASA has due process.  They go through thousands of steps before they evict an astronaut from his home atmosphere.  Home foreclosure is not rocket science, but each step provides an important checkpoint for homeowner rights. The Rocket Docket is back in orbit around homeowner distress in Duval County.  This foreclosure court spotlighted in Rolling Stone was criticized for lack of due process and was suspended for lack of funding.  Now the budget has come back on-line and retired judges are on the bench again. The early part of this century saw a new dawn of the real estate bubble that rose to eclipse the sum of what many homeowners could afford.  Lenders wrote mortgages for anyone who could breathe, and paperwork was done quickly and not necessarily correctly.  The mortgage mills of the early 2000s led to foreclosure factories, like that of David Stern’s office.  Banks have admitted to creating a whole bunch of bad assignments and Lenders forged documents to speed up foreclosures.  Add that to a benchmark of retired judges mandated to keep things moving and the Rocket Docket may launch an assembly line of injustice. The advantage of the Rocket Docket is that it accelerates the process; […] Read More